Flowers from the garden

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Flowers are known as the best part to spend your time. They are so pleasing that one cannot distract their emotions and attraction from it. In some beautiful places, flowers are arranged in such a way, one cannot come out of that place so easily. Starting from the houses to several big industries, all are fond of flowers. So, arranging flowers need a great skill and knowledge in order to make it look attractive. There is a great challenge to arrange the flowers with those flowers which will not only look attractive but unique. While styles and patterns for arrangements changes across the world, many types of cultures are fond of enjoying their floral symbolism. They enjoy the beauty of the flower arrangement by viewing their unique gesture of mixing of flowers. There are several aspects which are needed to be viewed before arranging it. For instance, you will mix sunflowers with that of rose; it will not only look odd but unattractive. While this is a fascination factor and people seem to enjoy their beauty; day by day it is becoming an extinct art since people are not getting enough time to decorate and nurture their garden so as to arrange their blossoms. This is a disappointing factor which is needed to look upon.

Consider trading your flower types with you neighbour to get a better variety

Some steps needed to be followed for the arrangement of flowers:

  1. Try to make sure that the proper cleansing of your vase in which you are decorating the flowers: almost all type of vessels that are produced are for home purposes, but still one who is opting for better decoration can choose for an unique combination. But as you are choosing the best ones, you have to take that much care for your vase also. If you regularly clean it properly, then the flower combination will be awesome, since the base is strongly attractive. Addition of sand, glass beads as well as some pebbles in the vase is quite advisable. They provide you with some glaze that your decoration will look extra-ordinary. Support from stems is also quite advisable since it will provide you more shine that will increase your look of flowers.
  2. Cutting of flowers are also considered as more necessary. Because the dried flowers will destroy your shining beauty and will damage the whole structure. You should cut with the help of scissors in order to make the cutting angle proper. This also helps the flowers in getting more nutritional minerals. They will grow more and on proper basis so that you can have as much flowers you want.
  3. Always water the flowers regularly so as to provide them essential nutrients that are contained in water. Watering is important for flowers as humans need water to survive; plants also need water to live. They get proper nourishing factors from water.
  4. Expose to sun: exposure to sun is also essential for those plants that need chlorophyll to exist. They need sunlight for the preparation of photosynthesis and hence keep themselves fit for producing flowers.

The art of giving

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The art of giving is the most essential factor especially in today’s life. Giving and receiving are the two universal factors that are responsible in growing the humanity across the globe. They constitute in building a cordial relationship amongst the citizens of earth. The art of giving has been a part since long introduced by several ancient personalities. They contributed the society with some giving and the society has repaid it back with that much honor. For instance, famous author lent their writings to the society while they got infamous and popularity in that behalf. They also got some payment back by the society.

It really comes down to the thought and how you look at your kind act of giving

It’s good for the giving who have earned a lot as well as for those who are earning more. They must try to lend some money or anything that is acceptable for the society in order to help the poorer ones. They would not be benefitted from this but earn a quality which the present society is lacking. The present society does not care for the other persons but more for themselves. They should contribute some things to the society in order to make the society equally balanced. The art of giving increases the humanitarian factors amongst the citizens present in the society and make them realize that there’s a society that exists for which they have some duty. Now days, people are more concerned on their family or friends only, they sideline the point that they live in a society for which they must do some contribution. Contribution can be of any form, not only in the form of compensation or monetary issues or giving of gifts and support, but on a whole. The contribution can be of helping the people while carrying heavier luggage, helping the poorer ones to get proper education and food, helping the blind person to cross the roads as well as helping the older personalities to walk. But because of the some lacking sense amongst the citizens, they are not thinking of the society. The society is the place where you live, the society only gives you name and fame, they only provide the food to eat and what we are doing; we are just forgetting of those things the society has contributed us. When the time comes to repay the society back, we pull out ourselves and sit back. We enjoy ourselves when we see people discriminating our society and culture. This is not at all a good sign for a civilized society. A responsible citizen always feels the pain of the society. But one individual can’t make any difference. It’s the whole group who should at-least contributes in growing the society.

The art of giving increases the people’s future and fate. It makes the society grow in a unity. Day by day, we can see the degradation of humanity factor simultaneously increasing the concern for the depletion of resources. All depends upon you that how you contribute to your society. You can be an inspiration for those who are newly taking birth in the society and for those who are not contributing for the welfare of the society.

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